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How does Cutty stop menstrual pain and cramps?

Menstrual pain and cramps can be stopped by means other than painkillers or various good woman recipes. It can also be done in a scientific way. It sounds amazing, but there are simple ways to stop the pain.
During the worst cramps and menstrual pain, it is enough to put on a small device with gel pads, turn on the pimple, and in a minute the pain is a thing of the past. But how does it work?

What's the secret to instant relief of menstrual cramps?
Painful menstruation (dysmenorrhea) affects nearly 80% of women worldwide, according to WHO surveys. Up to half of respondents report uncomfortable menstrual cramps, pressure and pain of varying intensity. The pain is especially pronounced in the lower abdomen and lumbar region during the first two or three days of menstruation. When women suffer from menstrual cramps, their first resort is usually painkillers. We all know them, we all have them at home and they allow us to relieve ourselves quickly during our days. But drugs are only effective for a short time, if at all, and most importantly, they are an incredible burden on the liver, blood and the entire body.

Science also helps end menstrual pain
Cutty is a small, discreet electric pulse device that is used during a woman's menstrual period. It works on the principle of electrical impulses, which are felt on the skin as a gentle massage and warming. They penetrate through the skin to the nerve endings and act on the point where menstrual cramps appear and you feel the most pain. It is scientifically proven that electropulsations are an effective pain stimulant. How does it work? Imagine a small electrical impulse, like a traffic officer standing in front of your nerve with a red stop sign. When information about menstrual cramps (which normally represents pain) passes through the nerve, the traffic agent (the electrical impulse) stops it with a red stopwatch and does not let it continue its way to the brain. Information about pain does not reach the brain, so no pain is felt.

Cutty has proven its effectiveness with women around the world.
The Cutty device is supported by scientific and clinical studies as well as tests. The results are simply amazing. Thanks to its proven effectiveness, women all over the world got rid of their periodic afflictions. Proof of this is that after purchasing the product, the device can be returned if a woman is not satisfied with it and the effect of stopping pain has not occurred. But when a woman gets rid of her menstrual cramps, she has no reason to send her Cutty device back.

Women who suffer from the worst menstrual pain never tire of Cutty. They no longer need painkillers, work stoppages, cancelling their projects. When menstrual cramps set in, they just have to press the Cutty stop pain button and the world goes back to normal. Say goodbye to painkillers, put yourself in the hands of science and try Cutty!

Order Cutty with gel tampons as well and get rid of the pain on your next menstrual period.
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