Why choose Careboo?

Careboo™ Cutty -The new method to relieve menstrual pain

The relief Of the pain Is Instant-no more pain, no more medication.

Because Careboo™ Cutty Is a non-drug solution that you can carry anywhere with you thanks to its small size and rechargeable battery.

Designed to meet women's expectations, it is dedicated to women of all ages who have pain during their menstrual cycle.

The technology of Careboo™ Cutty Is based on the "gatehouse theory".

Careboo™Cutty blocks the transmission of the message “pain” to the brain.

So you no longer feel any pain.

Careboo™ Cutty Instantly and totally stops your pain, or decreases it sharply so that it is quite bearable.

Use our stop button for your painful periods as long as it is necessary, to reduce your pain as long as it persists. Sold with 2 reusable gel electrodes about 30 times, Careboo™ Cutty Will allow you to relieve your menstrual pain or dysmenerrea, as well as your pain related to endomeriosis.

With 3 modes and 15 levels of program intensity, you will definitely find the stimulation that will give you the best relief.

The stop button for painful rules Careboo™ Cutty Has a clip that can be hung on your clothes, or underwear, its silicone material is sweat resistant.

You can therefore use it during your sports sessions.