How to use the stop button for your Careboo™ painful periods

  • You will feel small tapping and vibrations on the sore area.
  • Discreet, you can wear your stop button for painful Careboo rules™Under any garment, where you wish and as long as necessary.
  • So you can use it in class, at work, sleeping and even playing sports.
  • Its silicone material is resistant to perspiration.
  • Its small size and weight, allow you to hang it on your belt or underwear.

What feeling do we feel?
From the start of your session, you will feel light shimmers.
By increasing the intensity, you will feel deep muscle contractions.
It is at this intensity that our device carries out optimal calming.

The contraction is quite comfortable, you will be able to hold a conversation, work at your desk or perform any task.

A scientific technology
With its expertise in electrostimulation, Careboo France focuses on the creation of efficient and powerful devices.
Products are made in accordance with medical standards, and are as comfortable as possible.
Thanks to our technology, based on the "door theory".
Careboo Cutty prevents the transmission of the message “pain” to the brain. You will no longer feel the pain.
Careboo Cutty therefore totally eliminates your pain, or decreases it sharply so that it is quite bearable.
In addition, Careboo Cutty can be used for as long as necessary, as long as the pain persists.
There is no risk of overdose!

How does electrostimulation work?