How to get rid of menstrual pain after childbirth?

Many women have milder menstrual pain after becoming mothers. Others, on the other hand, feel the same pain, or even stronger pain, during the menstruation of this beautiful but difficult period.

Are you one of those women whose menstrual disorders did not stop after giving birth?

Find out how you can stop unpleasant menstrual cramps!

The resumption of menstruation after giving birth to a baby is an individual matter. Some women have to face their days again just weeks after the six weeks. For other new moms, the first postpartum menstrual period occurs after a few months. But it is not unusual for the menstrual cycle to return to normal after one year.

The appearance of menstrual bleeding is not rarely related to breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mothers usually menstruate later than women who do not breastfeed. Breastfeeding women's periods are also generally less intense and sometimes irregular. On the other hand, among the two groups of mothers, we also find exactly opposite cases.

You may also find it interesting to know that breast milk tastes different during menstruation. Often there is also a temporary reduction in the amount of breast milk, which makes the situation even more complicated. In addition, women's nipples are more sensitive during menstruation, which sometimes leads to pain when breastfeeding.

After childbirth, the majority of women notice a change not only in the degree of pain during menstruation, but also in their duration and the rhythm of bleeding. Anyway, taking care of a baby during menstruation is not a pleasure. Caring for a small baby is a demanding and exhausting activity, even for a fit woman. It is all the more difficult to care for your newly born offspring when you suffer from excruciating cramps in your lower abdomen and lower back. Finally, it is worth mentioning that babies are very receptive. Thus, they tend to experience their mother's difficulties in a rather negative way.

In the vast majority of cases, mothers of babies cannot afford to wait for their pain in bed, let alone have time to relax in the living room under a blanket with a thermophore on their stomach. Mothers of small babies are often not allowed to take a prolonged hot shower, which would alleviate their discomfort. The practice of yoga and meditation often remain only the memory of a period without commitment.

Many women seek comfort in painkillers during painful menstruation. Breastfeeding mothers try to avoid these medications as much as possible for the sake of their baby. In addition, painkillers also induce drowsiness or nausea, which certainly does not make young mothers happy."

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