What is TENS technology?

Analgic TENS Electrostimulators

Do you suffer from chronic pain or injury?
Electrostimulation can relieve them and help you regain health and well-being. Indeed, it is clinically proven that electrotherapy relieved pain in the context of many pathologies and multiple disorders. It is the so-called TENS technology that comes into play; it can be the subject of specific electrostimulators. We then talk more about TENS neurostimulators. It is also used in analog programs by Electrostimulators Particularly complete mix both TENS and EMS ( Muscle electrostimulation ).
By the way, electrotherapy is recommended as part of functional rehabilitation. An injury during training, a period of convalescence… can be compensated by the therapeutic use of an electrostimulator.
These electrotherapy devices are available to professionals, who use them in the cade of their office.
Their variations arrive on the market for the general public for home use.
TENS: what does it mean?
The acronym TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Derve Stimulation. Either, in French, Transcutaneous electrical neurostimulation . We are also talking about antalgic electrotherapy. We distinguish TENS from EMS (for Muscular Electrostimulation), the first stimulating the nerves, the second, the muscles. This is why, moreover, pain-reliefing TENS devices often bear the name of neurostimulators. How does it work?
Like a conventional electrostimulator, the neurostimulator consists of a generator with a control screen to which cables are connected. 2 or 4 in number, they are equipped with electrodes, which are put on the skin.
They can position themselves on or around the painful area, or on the conductive nerve that links this area to the brain. The intensity of the electrical pulses must be low to be easily bearable.
Antalgic function
The first benefits of TENS electrotherapy are painless, that is, neurostimulators help you Fight against pain . Comment ?
While using your electrotherapy device, electrical impulses somehow short-circuit The message of pain sent by the nerves to the brain . Sometimes we talk about "gate control."
The pain tends to fade or even disappear throughout the session.
Electrical neurostimulation also has the effect of inciting the brain To deliver Endorphins , Which helps to decrease pain On the longest term .
Electrotherapy is also advantageous insofar as this treatment is Natural , Without side effect , Without addiction and limit, or even avoid you completely, taking medication.

In any case, the ideal is to take advice from a health professional.