When to expect your first menstruation

The beginning of the menstrual cycle undoubtedly represents an important stage in a woman's life. This implies the need for great responsibility and, at the same time, a number of issues. In this article, you will read useful information about the arrival of the first period and find out how you can facilitate this period for a young woman.

The time of arrival of the first menstrual period

When it comes to the first period, you are surely mainly interested in when girls start menstruating. Currently, the first menstruation, also called menarche, occurs around the age of 12-13 years. At the dawn of the last century, young women began the cycle on average around the age of 14-15 years.

But even today, initial menstruation usually appears a few years earlier or later. This is a completely normal, although uncommon, phenomenon if a girl lives her days for the first time already at the age of 8. A health problem may not even signal whether the woman is menstruating only from the age of 16.

Factors influencing the onset of menstruation

The beginning of the first period is influenced by several factors. The dominant is the weight of the girl. Thin girls usually menstruate later than those who are of normal weight. In slightly overweight young women, as a rule, menstruation begins earlier than girls with an ideal weight. Obese girls, on the other hand, wait longer for their moonlight.

The second factor acting on the timing of the visit to the first menstruation is represented by the psyche of adolescent girls. Permanent stress and an unfavorable psychological state often delay menstruation.

The arrival of the first menstrual period is also influenced by physical activity. Girls with an adequate dose of movement usually do not have a problem with its delayed onset. Physically overworked girls usually get their first period later than their peers.

The last but no less important factor related to the reception of the first cycle is the gene. Due to genetic factors, girls often menstruate at a similar age to their mothers.

Symptoms of the first period

Girls usually experience menstruation for the first time about 2 years after the development of secondary sexual characteristics that accompany the onset of puberty. These include breast growth, the appearance of pubic hair on the genitals and armpits, or noticeable expansion of the hips. In any case, beginning menstruation should appear in girls no later than 3.5 years after the onset of these symptoms.

Less time before the onset of the first menstrual period, the so-called pubertal discharge appears in girls. The latter indicates the beginning of the activity of the ovaries.

Just before the initial menstrual cycle, teenage girls may have an increased appetite, preferring sweets during this time. Sometimes they tend to be irritable or hypersensitive. Not a single girl immediately before her first menstrual period also suffers from a swollen belly, diarrhea or constipation. Excessive fatigue or more pronounced acne are also not exceptional.

Finally, young women may experience breast, head, back, and, of course, lower abdomen pain some time before their moonshine.

Menstrual pain in girls

Typical pains appear in young girls in the same way as in adult women no earlier than 6-7 days before the onset of the period. Menstruating girls mainly weigh on pain in the lower abdomen, but the abnormality is also not pain in the lower back or even higher in the back or abdomen.

Imagine that up to two-thirds of girls suffer from menstrual pain and very strong cramps at a young age. These are alleviated in some women as they age or give birth.

How to help girls with painful menstruation

In part, during menstrual pain, teenage girls can benefit from warm compresses, special massages, a short stay in the sauna, adherence to the consumption regimen, selected herbs, vitamins and minerals, certain foods and appropriate physical activities.

However, with stronger pain, even teenage girls are often forced to resort to painkillers. But painkillers are harmful to a young and still developing organism in many cases. With their frequent use, there is also a risk of birth from addiction. In addition, with regular use of painkillers, their effectiveness decreases, which can lead to the fact that in the future they will not work at all for the patient with other difficulties.

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