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Careboo™ Cutty - Turquoise

Careboo™ Cutty - Turquoise

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✔️ soulage efficacement en quelques minutes
✔️ Solution naturelle sans médicaments
✔️ Discret sous les vêtements
✔️ Efficace contre l'endométriose / SOPK

**98% of users experienced a decrease in pain within 30 minutes of use.


Most women treat their menstrual pain with medications that take 30 minutes or more to produce their effects, and have a limited impact on pain and can have serious side effects.

On the other hand, it has been proven that Careboo™ Cutty works as early as 30 seconds for maximum relief.
With CAREBOO CUTTY you will no longer have pain, and will no longer need medication.

It has 3 modes:
- Mode 1: Gentle and Soothing Mode
- Mode 2: Deep Soothing Mode
- Mode 3: Light Relief Mode

And 15 intensities:
15 types of intensity that meet the diverse requirements of women.
It can run for 5 hours continuously if fully charged.
Do you fear pain and fainting?

Don't panic!

CAREBOO CUTTY stops every 20 minutes for safety and energy efficiency reasons.

There is no risk.

Drug-free natural device with gel pads, it is controlled by a microcomputer with moderate frequency and strength.

Ultra-thin, comfortable and ergonomic design helps to fit perfectly; Medical grade adhesive is softer on the skin. It increases circulation, decreases stiffness and relaxes sore muscles.

Very compact, lightweight, comfortable and stylish, it slips effortlessly under your clothes at work or school to help you throughout the day.

CAREBOO CUTTY is standard safe CE and approved by the FDA.

100% drug-free

People with a pacemaker or internal defibrillator

People with epilepsy
Pregnant women

How to use

Using Careboo Cutty is very simple.

1 - Simply attach the device to your panties or pants

2 - Place the sticky pads on your belly where you feel the pain

3 - Turn on and adjust the intensity of the pulse that suits you.

😊 In 30 seconds you will already feel relief, and spend your day as if nothing had happened.


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Return policy

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  • Cervical pain

  • Back / Lower back pain

  • Menstrual pain

  • Knee pain

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Technology TENS

TENS electrostimulation is a medical technology that involves applying a low-intensity electric current to the skin to suppress or reduce pain. This non-drug solution is intended to relieve visceral and muscular pain of dysmenorrhea, such as spasms.

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How does it work ?

From the start of your session, you will feel light shimmers.
By increasing the intensity, you will feel deep muscle contractions.
It is at this intensity that our device carries out optimal calming.

The contraction is quite comfortable, you will be able to hold a conversation, work at your desk or perform any task.

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Careboo Cutty can be used from the first period pain, without age limit:

It is the natural solution to relieve pain related to menstrual cycles and endometriosis!

This medical device 100% dedicated to women is pretty, discreet and instantly soothes your pain.

It is a natural and drug-free solution!